Downtown living is safe

Regarding the letter, “Library dopers ruining area”: We are grateful to Mr. Axton for keeping a watch on what goes on downtown. That more people are living downtown and keeping their eyes open will certainly make our city center a safer place to be.

Forty years ago, we chose to live with our three young children just a few blocks north of town where we could walk or bike to the library, the post office, the YMCA, shops and restaurants. Now we have the Schack Arts Center, the Performing Arts Center, the Sno-Isle Co-op and the Bayside Neighborhood P-Patch. Zero carbon footprint to access any of these amenities by foot or bike.

The so-called “riff-raff” hanging out by the warm, friendly and non-threatening public library represent part of a young and broken generation that could include our children and grandchildren. It’s a dismal fact that their future looks bleak. At best, they will go into the library and find something to read.

We hope that Mr. Axton will find these people harmless and will walk the streets and enjoy life in the city. As the city’s density increases, there will be more people living and walking downtown There will be more eyes on the streets and more people on the sidewalks. Our city will be safer.

Mary Belshaw


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