Dunshee a strong school supporter

I recently saw a political commercial for Mark Harmsworth running for state representative in the 44th District. I found it to be misleading and deceptive. He questioned the commitment of Hans Dunshee to education in the state of Washington.

As state revenues have declined, Hans Dunshee, Mike Hope, and our other representatives have had to live within our budget. Hans continues to fight for our schools, and our students, and has helped Washington maintain its national ranking.

I know about Hans Dunshee’s committment to education. Hans has been, and will continue to be a strong supporter of the public schools of our state. Teachers, students, and parents of the 44th District are well served by Hans Dunshee.

I was a teacher for 40 years, and followed Rep. Dunshee, and his unwavering support of Washingtons public schools. Rep. Dunshee has the support of teachers, Democrats and Republicans alike, throughout the 44th Didtrict.

Please join me, and the teachers of Everett, Mill Creek, Snohomish, and Lake Stevens in re-electing Hans Dunshee.

Mike Therrell