Dunshee, DelBene two proven losers

Two recent Herald editorial board endorsements left me scratching my head. The support for Hans Dunshee, the (seems like) life-long representative in the 44th Legislative District. While he may be a loud (even obnoxious?) voice in the Legislature, to my knowledge, Mr. Dunshee, in his two decades of “service,” has never written a bill that has actually become law.

Remember his campaign to change the name of a street in Whatcom County, which it turned out only one other person in the state cared about? Or the proposal to reward school districts which score highest on the WASL with cash grants — until it was pointed out that those are already the districts with the most money? Thankfully both bills never saw the light of day. He did write the referendum last year which would have put the state $860 million further in debt to fund some pet capital improvement projects. You remember, the one that was rejected by the voters with an 80 percent “no” vote?

A few terms ago he had earned enough seniority to be given the chairmanship of an important committee — but his fellow Democrats, all too aware of his “legislative skills,” denied him the position. Why in the world would we want to send this man back to Olympia, when clearly his only qualification is that he’s already been there?

Next was the endorsement for Susan DelBene for Congress. Really? Susan DelBene? Based on the four mailers per week and five TV ads per day with which we were bombarded during her primary campaign, it’s pretty clear that she believes the answer to all of our problems is more government, more spending, more taxes, more regulation and more redistribution of wealth. Do we really need another Obama Kool-Aid disciple in Congress? Especially when her opponent, John Koster, is such a strong, proven leader who shares our common values? Delbene’s far-left ideology just might get her elected in Seattle, but clearly does not reflect the majority of the citizens of the First Congressional District.

Tim Shipe

Lake Stevens