Dunshee’s jobs bill benefits few

The Oct. 18 letter in the Herald touting Hans Dunshee was duplicitous. (“Dunshee listens, acts for citizens”).

Disregard the lesson on lakes of Western Washington, the history of fish hatcheries and the alleged economy benefits and stay-the-course of Dunshee’s Job Works program. Like the C.C. Camps of the past, his program is to be supported by tax dollars that provide little benefit to the general public, along with a short life span. Hans approached the Snohomish Sportsman Club and requested that they support his jobs bill. They have and are now being rewarded through enhanced fishing programs. Hans believes that sustainable jobs can be created by government, they cannot. Jobs are created by need and the job created must provide or lead to profit. Without profit it will fail unless subsidized by taxes. I thank Hans for his help with the sportsman’s programs but I cannot support his bid for state government.

Frank Spaetig