Electric Glide

But is it really a Harley without the noisy exhaust? Harley-Davidson says it will unveil its first electric motorcycle next week, and the iconic company aims to be a leader in developing technology for e-vehicles.

And that’s entirely appropriate, since the typical Harley rider is just a few years away from needing a different kind of electric vehicle: a mobility scooter.

Ooops: HBO has given the go-ahead to a new television series about the Texas political scene, with characters based on real-life Texas politicians.

For the ultimate in verisimilitude, the show’s producers should consider casting the Gov. Rick Perry role with an actor who has trouble remembering his lines.

Keeps drifting away at Page 104: Former and perhaps future first daughter Chelsea Clinton hasn’t been seen on NBC News since January, even though she is reportedly being paid $600,000 a year as an on-air correspondent.

It’s not like Clinton has been ditching work or anything. She’s just been too busy trying to make it through her mom’s new 656-page doorstop of a book.

— Mark Carlson, Herald staff