Eligibility laws are necessary

Even though many of us may not realize it, one of our fundamental rights, setting this country far above many others, is the sanctity of, and the right to, vote. Many people have died to keep this and other constitutional rights for the past 236 years. You have seen in the news the jubilation in the eyes of some recently freed countries who show their “purple” thumb demonstrating that they voted. One needs to keep vigilant, however, that this right is, and remains, sacrosanct.

In the past four years we have seen numerous attempts, both direct and indirect, to corrupt this right. Blocking laws or attempts at producing new rules that ensure only eligible voters actually participate is just the most recent. The arguments are both disingenuous and wholly driven by political posturing. I don’t know how any politician can rightfully look me in the eye and tell me that requiring positive proof of citizenship and voter eligibility is somehow wrong.

We need a valid license to drive and lack of one while driving can result in prison. You need a verified passport to ensure you are who you are when you cross the border to other countries. Screening out illegal or ineligible voters is a responsibility of our government and one that needs to be aggressively embraced. Stop with the political garbage arguments that doing so “disenfranchises” one group or another.

I am willing to pay a slight fee to enable the local governments to provide such service and I am sure others will be too. Our government must embrace processes and procedures to keep voter rolls accurate and ensure only eligible voters vote. Any politician or organization that inhibits this is clearly going against our national values and should be shunned. Enough is enough. Don’t get me started about immigration.

Don R. Thompson

Lake Stevens