Emergency within emergency handled so well

A big shout out of “thank you” to our emergency responders. On Labor Day weekend we were up at the Jim Creek Navy recreation area where we were put into lockdown mode because of a shooter down the road. As the afternoon progressed and we were told we would be there for the night, I realized my father only had about an hour and a half left in his oxygen tank and would need more to last the night.

The sheriff’s deputies at the gate got right on it and at 7 p.m. the command center decided the safest way was to take my parents out in the sheriff’s armored personal carrier. They loaded them up and took them down the road to the command center where my father was checked out and then an off-duty Darrington firefighter drove them in his car to our house, and made sure they were OK before he left.

While being transported, a deputy found out that my father was retired from the USAF after 22 yrs of service and personally thanked him for his sacrifice for his country, and yet this deputy was really doing the same thing locally. Needless to say, it is an experience we will all not forget. Thank you all emergency responders!

Deborah Chaffee

Ray and Miriam Chaffee