Engaged citizens preach to choir

Someone once told me there are three types of people. Those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who wonder what happened.

I enjoy reading letters to the editor, observing the verbal banter. I keep hoping one day we’ll find some common ground, but I doubt it.

I wonder if the diverse and certainly more intelligent crowd than I who submit letters to The Herald realize we’re not the primary group of society who needs to be scolded.

Unfortunately, we’ll always have politicians, lawyers and people of greed and power who’ll sell their souls for a dollar, harming the world and its inhabitants, but somehow still sleeping at night.

I’m talking about the people who drain society in so many ways it’s hard to quantify, but we witness the evidence surrounding us every day. The people who live in a mental delusion, never caring about the world around them but sucking the life from it, along with others close to them. The people who live on handouts but rarely do their own part to change their lives, thinking the world owes them something. I’m talking about the people who shouldn’t be parents and/or who abuse children. Or the worst of all, the dark underbelly of society who steals and hurts others, violating the peace of our neighborhoods but thinking their way of life is normal.

Too bad these degenerates won’t be reading the newspaper. They might learn something from you good people who write in every week.

Ken Hopstad

Lake Stevens