Enough bashing Obama, the needy

I am fed up with the many letters published that complain about Obama, the role of the government, and what the Democratic Party stands for. Those writers side with the wealthy who don’t care about any sense of community and those with valid needs that are currently helped by our government.

To you who are millionaires and above who move out of this country, good riddance! I would love to be a millionaire and would be glad to pay higher taxes. I’d still be wealthy. How many millions can one stuff in one’s pocket? How many houses, cars, boats and other luxuries does one person or family need?

And since wealthy people tend not to write letters to the newspaper, that leaves the wanna-be’s who think they have a chance to be that rich someday. Dream on. Some day, if your selfish thoughts became policy (I hope that never happens), you’ll need help and you’ll be told, “Too bad, nothing for you.”

And, oh by the way, Social Security is not part of the debt. We all pay for it while working.

Molly Robertson