Everett Clinic not only game in town

As a 75-year-old senior citizen, and longtime patient of The Everett Clinic, I feel compelled to publicly express my opinion regarding the mental stress we seniors have to deal with every year regarding the health-care insurance changes the Everett Clinic imposes on the elderly.

I wrote my concerns to Richard Cooper, CEO of The Everett Clinic, on Dec. 5, but have not received a response. After sharing my letter with friends at social events, volunteer groups and the Y Athletic Club, the positive response I received was so overwhelming that I was urged to send a copy to The Herald. Based on this support and concern of so many other senior citizens, I am reiterating my comments.

The amount of stress imposed on the thousands of elderly when they are faced with making decisions to change their insurance plans is unconscionable. At a time in our lives when life should become more stable and uncomplicated, we are inundated with literature, phone calls and meetings, urging us to make decisions regarding plans that we don’t even understand. Frequently, even the people who we expect to answer our questions are unable to provide answers.

Fortunately, for myself and numerous others, we found a solution this year that we would never have considered before. We found new doctors outside of The Everett Clinic, who are associated with other hospitals, so that we can continue subscribing to our current insurance plans, including Medicare. One friend plans to continue an hour drive to remain with her doctors in Kirkland/Bellevue because they have never required changing insurance plans. We are all confident and happy that we can keep our insurance plans, and continue to have excellent coverage that is far better than what is being accepted by The Everett Clinic. I encourage other seniors next year to realize we have other options for health care in this area, and not feel compelled to accept the latest offering from The Everett Clinic. It appears they do not have the best interests of the elderly in mind.

Marabelle Smith