Every which way

No way. Way: Burger King is scrapping its “Have it Your Way” slogan for “Be Your Way.” An executive said the new slogan makes a strong emotional appeal to people’s greater lifestyles.

If sales don’t increase, Burger King executives will go back to the “Have It Your Way” slogan as they ask customers what they want on their Whoppers.

Must see TV: Television networks hope to fight the rise of the DVR, which allows people to record shows, then skip the commercials, by creating big events that viewers will want to watch when aired, lest they be left out of the cultural conversation.

Good luck with that. We’ll be over here having a cultural conversation about the YouTube video of a hamster eating a tiny burrito.

Target acquired: Target’s former CEO, “involuntarily terminated” following the security breach that allowed hackers to steal 40 million customers’ credit card numbers, only earned $13 million in pay last year, though he will get $15.8 million in severance and another $33.1 million in deferred compensation.

Hackers, those numbers again: $13 million, $15.8 million and $33.1 million.

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