Express yourself in the first person

I am writing in response to the Dec. 3 letter, “Superficiality is our downfall”: I was reading and agreeing, and disagreeing, with many of the points of view the writer was expressing. When I read the words, “We believe…” it prompted me to write this letter. Being British by birth, and raised by British parents, I am hoping the writer is referring to the royal “we.” Never having met the writer, not knowing his background, age or any bias he may hold, I would ask him or anyone writing a letter to the editor to consider using “I think,” “I feel,” or “It’s my opinion” to express one’s point of view.

The writer has the privilege to live in a nation where freedom and diversity are encouraged. Everyone has the right to disagree. When the behavior is disagreeable to me, I have the right to limit my exposure to the behavior and express my displeasure.

Anna Y. Pritchard


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