Fahrenheit 451

Fahrenheit 451

If only the manuscripts had burned: A fire early Monday in Forks destroyed two buildings in the Olympic Peninsula town that’s the setting of the “Twilight” vampire novels.

Parents, you might want to reassure your tween daughters that, apparently, no precious “Twilight” relics were destroyed in this fire.

This is only a drill: Police and the U.S. Coast Guard on Monday trained for a terrorist takeover of a ferry on Puget Sound. They maneuvered patrol boats alongside the ferry and boarded it, although high winds forced the cancellation of a descent from a helicopter.

Observers say they haven’t seen a ferry-related operation this well-coordinated since the ferry workers unions went after state Sen. Mary Margaret Haugen.

Fifty bucks a week for the next 82 years: Since the federal government no longer subsidizes certain student loans for graduate school, personal finance columnist Michelle Singletary recommends saving up for that MFA in poetry instead of taking on more debt.

Meanwhile, folks who don’t want to attend grad school can start stockpiling cash for something that costs roughly the same, such as a Ferrari 458 Spider.

— Mark Carlson, Herald staff