Failure to insure is sender’s error

I use USPS and Click-N-Ship every work day and even sometimes on weekends and have been a bit puzzled by some of the letters to the editor complaining about their service. A complaint about a lost package that was uninsured blamed the USPS for the loss when a couple of bucks would have covered insurance and there would have been a somewhat happier ending.

Obviously, the carrier made a mistake. When stressed, we make mistakes and based on what I saw every day at Mill Creek Post Office, the volume of mail sent during the holidays was significant. The writer offered a couple of bucks to insure politicians (USPS is privately owned and in a serious financial struggle). Her bucks would have been better spent to insure her package. She can blame the overworked carrier for making a big delivery mistake but failure to buy the insurance to cover a loss is hers.

Jo McNall