Falling man’s back

Falling man’s back

“Mad Men,” the TV series that revived cocktail culture and retro fashion, finally returns Sunday after a 1½-year absence, during which we assume that a lot of Canadian Club passed under the bridge.

The show’s creators have been tight-lipped about plot lines, but since Season 5 begins in 1966, The Buzz offers three possible story arcs:

• Don Draper takes up smoking marijuana in a bid to get his drinking under control.

• Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce is rocked to its core when smoking is banned in the elevators.

• A season-ending cliffhanger episode is titled, “Everybody Gets a Chest X-Ray.”

Mystery meat: After news reports about so-called “pink slime,” aka lean processed beef product and also LGBT punk rock band, local school districts took steps to ensure meat served to students doesn’t contain the stuff.

Local school lunches got a clean bill of health; even so, it’s enough to make parents consider packing their kids a brown-bag lunch — a bologna sandwich, perhaps.

— Mark Carlson, Herald staff