Family thankful for care and comfort

While heading home from basketball practice recently, my 10-year-old son suffered an exercised-induced asthma attack. Unfortunately, his inhaler was not where it is usually kept! Panic immediately set in, as his breathing quickly became labored and skin tones changed to a bluish-purple color, while knowing that we were a good ten minutes from his nearest inhaler.

We were incredibly fortunate to be near Fire Station 81 in downtown Lake Stevens, where paramedic Keith Terry and his crew were on duty. As we arrived, the units were being dispatched to a call. Paramedic Terry and his crew radioed for coverage and graciously stayed behind at the station to assess my son’s condition and provide the medical treatment necessary for my son to resume normal breathing! Paramedic Terry calmed my son and quickly made him comfortable given the circumstances.

While treating him, another firefighter picked up on the fact that my 7-year-old daughter was quite frightened for her brother’s well-being and quickly averted her attention with a personal tour of the fire station and equipment. Both children left the station much happier than they had arrived wearing their newly acquired shiny red fireman helmets.

Kudos to the crew at Station 81 for their quick response, dedicated and personal service!

Marlo Warbis

Lake Stevens