FDA should put limit on sodium

There is a lot of talk about the federal government considering a limit on the amount of sodium in processed foods. The argument for reducing sodium is that there are unhealthful levels of it in foods. The argument against is that the government is intruding too far into people’s business, and that it isn’t the job of the federal government to regulate what we eat. What about the FDA?

I believe that the government should regulate the amount of sodium in food. The argument against regulating salt sounds as if your ability to salt food will be limited. This is completely the opposite of what will happen. This regulation allows a person the ability to choose exactly how much salt they want on their food. Currently, corporations choose how much salt you get. If salt is limited in processed food, you will get more control over your sodium intake, not less. Nobody is saying you can’t dump a whole shaker of salt on your food if you choose.

Please do not stop the efforts of the government to regulate the amount of salt that others put into our food, and give the power back to the consumer as to what we want in our food.

Kacy Acevedo