Feds bad, except when needed

Just when you think you understand their message, someone from the GOP invariably comes up with a notion that simply confounds. In Tuesday’s Herald was an AP article about those speaking at this year’s 9/11 ceremony in New York. It also mentioned that two local state governors were displeased with the progress of the memorial and called on federal officials to give the memorial a financial and technical hand. On this we can all agree.

Now, back to the dilemma mentioned earlier. One of those governors is New Jersey Gov. (R) Chris Christie who so eloquently ranted, like so many others at the RNC in Tampa just two weeks ago, about how bad “big government” is for the people of this country.

So the question is; where are all these “private sector free market” guys when you need them? Must be spending all those record level profits we read about on something more worthwhile, ya think?

Paraphrasing the words of a great man I read about in a book: People are worth more than profits … end of message.

Dennis Doolittle