Feds’ heavy hand squishes rights

From the opinion columnists, news reporters in other media, and letters to the editor, it is quite clear that many people do not understand the uproar caused by the contraceptive/insurance issue. It is not war on women; it is not about contraceptives; it is about unconstitutional government interference with religious rights.

If the feds can force such an item on the religious community, what is next? I am sure that many Catholics use birth control measures, against the teachings of their church. However, I suspect that many of those are already realizing that the federal government is trying to impose upon a religious institution something that they have no legal right to do.

I am a Protestant, and whether we use contraceptives or not, we are also very incensed at this unconstitutional intrusion. It simply is none of their business. This is a good example of what is in store for us all if Obamacare is allowed to stand. Remember, this is not trying to force anyone to forgo their own desire to use contraceptives (or abort) but a matter of who pays for it. This is simply an issue of the right to have your own beliefs supported by your employment standards.

F.L. “Pat” Jacobs