Filthy rich

A Powerball ticket good for a $129 million jackpot was purchased at a porno book shop in the Detroit area.

And you thought the really dirty money in America was made on Wall Street.

It’s a ton of cash, but the porno shop jackpot would have been just barely enough to acquire an 18th century porcelain vase from China, which sold at auction for $83 million.

The vase had been collecting dust for years in the suburban London home of an elderly woman. So next time you visit Aunt Mabel, take a good look at what she’s got in her curio cabinet.

Take a bucket of quarters: The Seattle City Council has approved a plan to raise parking meter fees downtown to $4 per hour.

That’s spendy, but consider the bright side: You won’t be lying when you tell panhandlers that you have no spare change.

Priorities: Folks in Springfield, Ore., have decided to postpone their annual Christmas parade to avoid a conflict with the Oregon-Oregon State football game.

Up here in Washington, long-suffering UW and WSU fans can only hope for a full slate of events to distract them from the Apple Cup.

— Mark Carlson, Herald staff