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The League of Women Voters agrees with Snohomish County Auditor Carolyn Weikel, who wrote in the Monday guest commentary that “we, Snohomish County voters, can do better!”

I have yet to receive a voter’s pamphlet. When I called the office that Carolyn referred me to, the staff member said that because it is bulk mail, the post office may not have delivered it yet, but that I could go to the post office and pick up a copy.

The League of Women Voters has an online site: that can fill in the gap. This “one-stop-shop” for election information provides simple tools to help Washington voters navigate the voting process for the Aug. 5 primary election.

The League invited all 830 candidates in 250 races in the 2014 Washington Primary Election to participate in VOTE411. We asked them to enter information helpful for voters as they make their decisions. provides detailed candidate information, including candidates’ direct responses to issue-related questions, for every candidate race and ballot issue in the state. Users can go to and enter their address to find information from the candidates they will see on their ballot and compare candidates side by side.

As voters, we need simple, helpful tools to help us navigate election day. VOTE 411 allows a candidate to share the information they think is important for us to know while answering questions pertinent to the position. We get the information we need to make choices all the way down to the end of your ballot. is the nation’s premiere online election resource and the League of Women Voters of Snohomish County has added our community’s information to so that it can serve as a resource for all of the county’s voters.

Last election cycle 32,000 Washingtonians found the information they needed through, many of them young people and first-time voters. is convenient, easy and empowering. I’m sharing it with my friends and family to help them prepare for Election Day on Aug. 5, and I know many others will too.

I hope this information will encourage Snohomish County residents to return more ballots — to do better — in this primary election.

Lynn Carpenter

President, League of Women Voters of Snohomish County


Please vote for new personnel

Well, here it is, primary season. Once again we get to exercise our most precious right as citizens. Yes, it’s only a primary, but that is where your candidate comes from. It is time to look at how this state is being run. Are you happy with it? If you are, then by all means, send the current power structure back to Olympia to accomplish more of the same. After all, it’s only money. Ours!

The ruling party has gotten us to where we are today. They are not going to change, ever! If we were to send all of them home and elect brand new legislators, we could not possibly be worse off than we are right now. I am tired of these folks “fighting for us.” It seems to me they have lost. Just a thought.

Phil Bate


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