Fire district needs our support

We all hope we never have to call the fire department for help. But when we do, like our family did this past week, it’s great to know that they will answer the call quickly, efficiently, and professionally. We were so impressed with the firemen from our closest station, Station No. 32, when they answered our call late on Thursday night. They took charge of the situation and acted quickly to resolve it. The next day they checked in to ensure that things were still OK.

It is extremely important to fund our fire department so that when you need them like our family did, they are there for your family. I hope you will join us in voting “yes” on Proposition 1 this Aug. 7. If this proposition doesn’t pass, at least one of our community’s fire houses will close, and funds will not be available for much needed replacement equipment and training programs.

So please vote “yes” on Proposition 1.

Debbie and Gary Kelso