Flap has nothing to do with rights

Reproductive rights — the term brings instant and profound emotional polarization of our political ideology. The current debate highlights how deep this topic goes. It is therefore unfortunate that the discussion being played out has nothing, I repeat nothing, to do with reproductive rights.

As you read through the vast op-eds and editorials in papers all over the country one would think that the effort is out to remove the availability of any and all birth control products and services from the 51 percent of our population. I have yet to see any of our mainstream news agencies illustrate the real issue at point. Indeed, this is a tragic disservice, yet par for the course with news outlets these days. They no longer consider you, the reader, relevant or needing to be informed. They push an agenda and that is all.

This debate brings my observation into amazing clarity. When did the “availability” of contraception become at risk? Never. Not one candidate is pushing this perspective. When did the limit on access to such services become threatened? It is not. The dominant question and one that is not being addressed is the fact that the government simply wants, actually demands, that the taxpayer fund any and all means of contraception. That is the crux of the issue.

Just go to your local pharmacy or see your doctor — they will supply or make available the appropriate solution for you and likewise charge your insurance or your checkbook, if your insurance doesn’t cover it. Therein lies the heart of the issue, the fact that you have to actually pay for such products or services is what is riling up the government of the people. Or should we now call it the people of the government.

Don R. Thompson

Lake Stevens