Focus on clothes misses her actions

A lack of “sartorial” polish … of course, that’s what’s really important! (Friday letter, “Sen. Murray needs sartorial aide.”) The writer really has her priorities straight; it’s the clothes that make the senator.

Never mind that the offending legislator sought input from citizens, responded to their comments and followed that with a personal appearance at the home of a struggling unemployed Washingtonian and some equally challenged neighbors. Sen. Murray sought a better understanding of painful challenges facing thousands of her constituents in this broken job market, with a broken political system threatening to remove the last piece of their safety net … their unemployment benefits.

Argue the merits of those benefits and their extension if you will, but I, for one, will welcome the good lady into my home under such circumstances without a single thought to what she is wearing, and will, I promise you, feel no offense to my pride.

Jim Hinkley