Focus on family, the mentally ill

In her Sunday column, “What will it take to end horrific violence with guns?” Ms. Muhlstein mischaracterized the situation which is: “How do we stop acts of terror by mentally ill people?” Mass causalities have been instigated by deranged people using bombs, poison gas and incineration devices. For example, the Oklahoma city bombing and Japan subway Sarin attacks. Disarming is impossible and doesn’t work. Examples: Syria, Cuba, Afghanistan, Chicago and Detroit.

As a country we lost the “war on drugs,” prohibition of alcohol failed and actually caused greater violence, we can’t control our borders. Laws don’t prevent crime by terrorists that are mentally ill, nor criminals as England has experienced over 30 percent more gun violence since their ban.

Our society needs to get a grip on how we raise our citizens to be respectful of others in their person, property and beliefs. “Respect” has been dropped from the family and school curriculum for about 50 years; that is if “family” exists anymore. Let’s direct our efforts where it will have the greatest impact and help the mentally ill.

(I wasn’t planning a comment while families and a country grieve, but Ms. Muhlsten’s article required a response to clarify the issue.)

Dain Webster

Mill Creek