Forced carpool effort is a failure

In Tuesday’s front-page story (“Boeing Overflow: With a parking crunch at plant, workers fill up wetland’s lot”) Joan Douglas brings up the subject of a parking shortage at Narbeck Park due to Boeing employees parking there. Boeing Employees park there due to a contrived Boeing parking shortage because of a deal made between the City of Everett and Boeing.

There are literally hundreds of unused parking spaces on Boeing property because Boeing told Everett they would attempt to force us to car pool, walk, ride bicycles, parachute in, etc. They do this by turning parking spaces into walkways, putting up fire lane signs, etc etc or just simply blocking areas off. Seems to be working well, doesn’t it? Maybe the City of Everett and Boeing need to rethink their grand plan to save us from ourselves and face reality.

Richard Quint

Lake Stevens