Free speech worth immigrating for

Regarding the Friday letter about the First Amendment, “No law can force religion, either,” which says colonists fled England in response to the domination of the church over the government.

It was the other way around. They immigrated for religious freedom. Besides that, they were not colonists until they lived here. They were settlers.

There were many other reasons to immigrate to North America. Religious freedom, a better life, more opportunities, wide open spaces, beautiful country, and most important, freedom of speech.

As a matter of fact, the reasons for immigration are still valid today. I immigrated to America in the early ’60s. I am a European-American; every time I applied for a job, got a license, or applied for Social Security number, I had to show my green card because I had a heavy accent. I did not mind. After all, I was in a foreign country and I reaped the benefits of this wonderful land. I learned passable English in six months and Americans were always happy to help me out with the language. Thanks, America.

Now I am an American citizen and proud of it.

Marion Usey