Funding cuts have to be newsworthy

We were hoping that the Everett Herald would cover the meeting with Rep. Larry Seaquist in Everett Community College last Thursday. Rep. Larry Seaquist the Chair of the Higher Education Committee in the House of Representative in the Legislature. The meeting was about the rising cost of higher education and EvCC raising tuition fees 24 percent over the last few years.

I contacted the Herald last June and told the political reporter and newstips about our meeting with Rep. Seaquist during Higher Education Stakeholder meeting at the University of Washington, Tacoma. We handed Rep. Seaquist a letter signed by over 750 EvCC students to express our concerns on the rising cost of higher education and request that the Legislature make no further cuts to Community &Technical Colleges. I told the Herald that Rep. Seaquist would be coming to EvCC to meet with students.

Over a week ago I sent another email but I never received a response. On Dec. 20, I called to see if someone would be covering the story but I received a “sorry note”; there was no staff to cover such a thing.

If covering the slashing of funding to higher education by the state is not newsworthy, what’s newsworthy? Or is it just a matter of politics?

Here is the first thing that Rep. Seaquist said, “You guys (students) are the bulldozers. If we fire you up and turn you on the state and Legislature, you can really have an impact on tuition.”

We were hoping that you help us in our fight to maintain funding to Community &Technical Colleges.

Khaled Mohamed

EvCC, Islamic Social Club (ISC)