Funds and games

Jon Bauer, Herald staff

Is fun for kids, nyet? A Russian bank is offering fans of the smartphone game Angry Birds a debit card with characters from the game that provides a 10 percent discount on Angry Birds toys and clothes.

This isn’t the first time a video game has been used on a card in Russia. Before the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Communist Party offered Tetris food ration cards.

Pomp and dire circumstances: Washington state’s Higher Education Coordinating Board has again named its Washington Scholars, high school graduates who are ranked among the top 1 percent of their peers. But unlike previous years, state budget cuts means the scholars won’t get college scholarships from the state.

See, kids, if you apply yourself in school and study hard, one day a state official will shake your hand and point you in the direction of the nearest bank offering student loans at a 7.6 percent interest rate.

Milking it for all its worth: More dairy farmers are trying to coax their cows into contentment to produce more milk by providing chiropractic care, classical music and even waterbeds.

Already some cows are catching on and asking for even greater perks, including weekends off, free Wi-Fi, and hand warmers for the milking staff.