Gadfly at rest

Gadfly at rest

For the past four decades, a woman named Evelyn Y. Davis has owned a share or two of stock in major American corporations so she can hector the firms’ CEOs at annual meetings. This year, Davis, 82, stayed away from meetings, citing her age.

The shareholder meetings might be too much for her, but The Buzz hopes Davis can find the energy to heckle an ex-CEO or two during visiting hours at the penitentiary.

Gin joint: One of columnist Sharon Wootton’s readers suggests that an explosion of juniper bushes in Eastern Washington could be harvested for the flavoring in gin.

Alas, an agricultural expert says the demand for gin just isn’t great enough. Where are Thurston Howell III and Nick and Nora Charles when you really need them?

Bieber unbeliever: An Oregon woman has filed a lawsuit against teen heartthrob and animatronic hair helmet Justin Bieber, claiming that thousands of tween girls’ frenzied squealing at a 2009 concert damaged her hearing.

The Buzz has no comment on the merits of her case, except to urge her to look on the bright side: She’ll never again hear a tween girl’s scream — or a Justin Bieber song.

— Mark Carlson, Herald staff

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