Get a black turtleneck for your Ken doll, cheap

Jon Bauer, Herald staff

Guess there won’t be one more thing: A company that planned to sell a lifelike 12-inch doll of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, down to the black mock turtleneck, rimless glasses and jeans, said it will respect the request of Apple and Jobs’ family and will not market the doll.

Undeterred, Microsoft said it was moving ahead with its plans for a Bill Gates doll, although beta testing has revealed problems with the doll’s cardigan sweater and chinos and its SuperCuts hair.

WikiPique: Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia written and edited by its users, said it may shut down its website for 24 hours on Wednesday as a protest of anti-piracy legislation pending in Congress that it says threatens free-speech rights.

College students, take note: If you’ve got a paper due Thursday on intellectual property and plagiarism, better get your copying and pasting done today.

Shoulda put a sting on it: A newly discovered horse fly in Australia has been named Scaptia (Plinthina) beyonceae, after pop diva Beyonce, because of the fly’s large golden posterior.

At a ceremony to announce the fly’s name, rapper Kanye West grabbed the microphone from a scientist and said, “Imma let you finish,” but that Taylor Swift should have had an insect named after her.