Gingrich just the guy to protect 1%

If there is any doubt that Republicans represent the 1 percent of wealthiest Americans (the 400 persons who have more wealth than the rest of us combined), the latest clear message along these lines is Newt Gingrich’s attack on child labor laws. Gingrich’s so-called solution to child poverty: firing union wage (read: family wage) janitors to be replaced by children working in their schools.

He totally ignores the source of increasing poverty in America: stagnated wages of American workers as American companies pay their CEOs a greater and greater percentage of profits. His message ignores why children are poor — their parents’ wages are below the poverty level — and offers as a solution replacing good wage jobs by putting the burden on children to help earn income for the families!

Union wages, benefits, child labor laws and anti-discrimination in the workplace were all struggles waged early in this century contributing to increase the working class standard of living. Newt and his party want to return us to the low wages and meager working conditions of these earlier eras of our history. The Republicans have been on a run since George W. Bush’s first term to serve their corporate masters: Big Oil, Wall Street, the military-industrial complex and the unparalleled greed of their CEOs.

Under the Republican-ruled Congress, welfare has been alive and well for Corporate America, while they rail against “public” assistance and big government. When they say no taxes, they mean for the 1 percent. This next election, just say no to the 1 percent and those who serve them, who have no shame and no empathy for the real conditions of the American working class — you and me, the 99 percent. Listen to who really has a record representing the working family — definitely not the Republicans.

In outrage,

Allison Warner

Camano Island