Give kids best possible chance

Our legislators, directed by the Washington Supreme Court to fully fund schools, haven’t done so.

I am not going to let their inaction be taken out on our kids!

To ensure our kids have access to excellent teachers, challenging academics and technology they will use in the working world, I am voting yes for the two Monroe school levies.

The replacement levy is about 20 percent of all school costs! It is not new, just a replacement for the levy that expires the end of this year. Voting yes is a short-term fix to make sure our kids don’t suffer because our legislators haven’t done what’s needed.

The Technology levy is partly about making sure our kids are using tools that will be required in their future. Our aging computers and infrastructure are not what these future graduates will be using. Model Ts were wonderful, but they’d get passed by pretty quickly on today’s roads.

Just as important, technology enables teachers and staff to be more effective — making my tax dollars more efficient. Need proof? Fryelands Elementary third-grade teacher Randy Brown received the 2014 McNaughton award, the highest honor in Washington state’s annual KCTS Golden Apple Awards for exceptional educators.

That’s my money being employed by a visionary, passionate educator using technology to teach, motivate and inspire kids.

Your ballots have been mailed. Please send them back, voting “yes” both times, to give our kids the best possible chance at a future.

Joel Selling