Go ahead, repeal self-imposed cliff

Question: Who created the fiscal cliff?

Answer: Congress did. So repeal it already.

It was created to force a budget settlement. It failed. It was a poorly conceived gamut that didn’t work. Admit it. Dump it. You did it. Undo it. Move on to getting things done the way you were supposed to in the first place — by serving as delegates to the Republic voting the will of the people.

Since every single member of Congress is aware of this, we can only assume that you are ignoring it in the interest of continuing the political power struggle that has crippled the government and placed real lives in real and serious peril, all to make the senators and representatives much more powerful people than you were ever intended to be. Now it’s down to which among you will be the mostest powerfulest.

Rich, powerful people maneuvering the government to fatten themselves off the labors of the populace. Sounds suspiciously like the one we put a stop to in 1776.

You are public servants. That means servants of the people. Get off your butts and serve or get off your butts and leave.

Hint: If you make me poorer, you blew it again.

Harold R. Pettus