Goo, goo, Gaga

Jon Bauer, Herald staff

You named your baby Bieber? Parents, in naming their children, often turn to pop culture, hence the run of baby names in recent years related to pop singers and the “Twilight” vampire books and movies. Among the top names this year are Jacob and Isabella, while Miley and Jonas peaked in 2008. The author of a baby names book warns against saddling your kid with a cutesy name.

As we approach Mother’s Day, The Buzz would like to take this opportunity to thank his mother for changing her mind about “Ringo.”

  • Could have been worse; could have been a “tr”: Stock market experts still can’t explain what caused Thursday’s brief but shocking plunge in the Dow Jones, although one theory was that some trader’s order to sell swapped the “m” in million for a “b.”

    We’ve been responsible for our share of typos, but we’ve never caused markets to crash by leaving out the letter “l” in “public.”

  • Better have a building permit: A Canadian ecologist said he has located the world’s largest beaver dam in Canada using Google Earth and NASA satellite technology. The dam stretches 2,788 feet and has probably existed since the 1970s.

    But if you think that’s impressive, wait until you see the size of the beaver that built it.