Good reminder we must downsize

The shutdown resulting from the Democrats’ stubborn refusal to negotiate the ill thought out health-care plan that the majority of citizens reject provides a marvelous opportunity to reflect on how much government we really need. Is anyone really missing it? Yes, we are inconvenienced by parks being closed and such, but remember that this is only a ploy to inconvenience the ordinary citizen.

Ask yourself why the parks get closed when park employees are some of the lowest paid employees in the government and parks are one of the rare government pursuits that actually generate income. Meanwhile, many high-level employees in our nation’s capital continue to work. I spoke to a former colleague of mine in D.C. this morning and both he and his wife, who is also a government employee (non critical), are working.

This time affords the opportunity to look hard at our government and then demand change. We should demand that Obamacare be scrutinized not just signed into law without knowing what it says as Pelosi admitted to. We should demand that the government be reduced by getting rid of ineffective programs and mandate that social services’ agencies actually do their jobs and prevent and detect frauds in entitlement programs that steal tax payers’ money and prevent funds from going to people who truly are entitled to it. Mostly we should demand that the government not expand to accommodate the new health-care tax.

Dale Morris


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