GOP better start educating public

Many pundits and some Republicans are saying that the reason the GOP didn’t win the White House was due to their lack of outreach to minorities. While changing demographics certainly were a large factor I contend it’s due just as much to the sea changes in our cultural values.

Would gay marriage have been voted in by three states even four years ago? Communist and socialist activists now head labor unions and teach in our schools and universities. The sex and pornography industries have exploded and products of the entertainment industry have become coarser. Abortion is being financed by taxpayer dollars. Drug use and its legalization is increasingly being accepted. Atheism is expanding and becoming more forceful in its efforts to drive God out of the public square. Babies born fatherless are now approaching 50 percent.

Eclipsing these is the ready acceptance of “free stuff” across economic and ethnic boundaries. It was once a shame to be on welfare. Now it’s considered an entitlement. Food stamps are in plastic form so no one need be embarrassed when using. Most of the above won’t ever rally behind a Republican banner. With 3 million Republicans not voting, if the party thinks all it needs to do is give minorities a bear hug it’s just whistling Dixie while passing the graveyard. They better concentrate on educating the public on where the country is headed and getting their base out to vote or the country as we know it will be gone.

Robert Johnston

Camano Island