Got his goat

Jon Bauer, Herald staff

But how do you hold a bow in your hooves? Wildlife officials in Utah say that “Goat Man,” a man who was seen dressed in a fleece outfit and mingling with mountain goats in the high desert, has stepped forward and identified himself as a hunter preparing for an archery hunting season.

See. This is why we prefer fishing: You don’t have to dress up like a chinook and sneak up on them.

Apples for the students: A Marysville middle school is making the switch from textbooks to iPads, and plans for each of its 180 students to use the tablet computers beginning this fall. Those who don’t have one will be able to check one out from the school.

Some friendly advice for the students from your Uncle Buzz, who used to keep a comic book between the pages of his social studies book: Keep the sound down, or the teacher’s going to hear you playing “Angry Birds.”

Substantial penalty for low opinions: A new survey found that fewer than 1 in 4 Americans trust the country’s commercial banking system, specifically big nationwide banks that had the trust of only 23 percent of those surveyed.

Responding to the low polling numbers, the nation’s large banks announced a new $5 monthly fee for public opinion balances below 70 percent.