Grateful to all for help in getting ‘new’ home

The Stillaguamish Valley Genealogical Society has some wonderful news — we are in a new location at 215 French Avenue S. in Arlington, in a historic home built in 1904 next to the old high school. It is truly wonderful!

We are indebted to so many individuals for this move I won’t be able to name them all. I will tell you about some of the more incredible contributions of sweat equity that we were fortunate to receive. In one of the most generous acts of kindness, Arlington Kiwanis Club provided most of the physical labor it took to move our 5,000-book collection, the bookcases, tables and chairs, microfilm readers and the accessories. We are grateful to Terry Marsh for coordinating the crew to get this daunting task done. On Jan. 14 those good-hearted men were drenched with rain, but they carried on until the job was done. They will always have our gratitude.

The packing and unpacking of those 5,000 books was also a massive undertaking, with which many members of our society assisted. The cleaning, painting and decorating was a huge endeavor. Leilani Lucricia painted one wall seven times to cover strange blue swirls, painting the former kitchen wallpaper so now the room is a refreshment room. Steve Baylor performed the powerwashing of the walkways and cleaning of gutters, plus many other tasks.

A huge thanks to Michele Heiderer and her husband, Steve, for creating a whole wall of 1964 Arlington Times newspapers. It is a beautiful giant collage.

We would like to thank our new landlords for all they have done to provide us with this wonderful building. It suits our needs so well and we will do all in our power to be diligent custodians of this historic home.

Without the generosity of the Tulalip Tribes, as well as the Stillaguamish Tribe of Indians, we would not have been able to help people on their journeys to find their ancestors. We are truly grateful to them for their friendship and financial assistance over the years.

Ruth Caesar, president

Stillaguamish Valley Genealogical Society