Great to be able to use library now

Thanks for your Nov. 3 article ago about the Everett Library allowing people who live in the county to get a library card! (“Work in Everett? You can get a free library card now.”)

I just had a lovely lunch hour at the Everett Public Library on Hoyt Avenue. When I went to pay for the books ($1 each) I wanted from their book sale, the lady at the desk remembered me and asked if I was one of their “county members.” I said yes! We moved here from Colorado seven years ago. I live in Mukilteo and work in downtown Everett. When I first started my job I had stopped at the library and asked if I could get a library card and was told I would have to pay! I was really disappointed, so when I saw the article in the Herald a few weeks ago that people who live in the county but who may own property or work in Everett could now get a library card, I stopped in again.

It’s a beautiful library and it was fun to peruse the books for sale (my 98 year-old mother is a voracious reader!), look at the magazines and to sit at a big old oak table in a creaky oak chair and look out over the bay as I wrote a note to a friend. I looked through a magazine called “Mountaineer” that I was sure my husband, Tom, would enjoy and saw that it’s the publication by the Seattle Mountaineer club. They had an article on Vantage, and one on the book about Cairns that we just bought in Leavenworth! I checked out some Christmas music CDs. It was a very nice way to spend a lunch hour! I am so glad that the Everett Library has let me “join!”

Joan Hemm