Greed isn’t our collective trait

Have you ever watched the movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” with Jimmy Stewart as George Bailey and Lionel Barrymore as Mr. Henry F. Potter?

They play the movie on TV every year around Christmas time.

It struck me, while listening over the weekend to Mitt Romney talk about the choice we faced as a country in this election, that what America is facing in this election and as a society is exactly what “It’s a Wonderful Life” portrays.

We are faced with a choice between either the good and kind world that George Bailey and the Bailey’s Savings and Loan provided the people of Bedford Falls and the evil, mean and greedy world full of amoral people of Pottersville that Mr. Potter would bring about.

Romney and Ryan are the poster boys for all the businesses that shut down factories, laid off people and moved jobs offshore. Government is not a “for profit” enterprise. America is about looking out for one another. It isn’t about everyone for themselves, I got mine. you get yours. The social contract between the American worker and business needs to be restored and reinforced.

The taxpayers in this country have paid for the infrastructure that businesses use to make their profits and yet they have kicked us to the curb.

The results of this election will determine whether it is going to be a future “Wonderful Life” with the Democrats or Hell on Earth with the Republicans.

David L. Clay