Gregoire must see the logic in appeal

I am disappointed in Gov. Gregoire’s handling of the decision of Attorney General Rob McKenna to join the class action suit on the constitutionality of the health care measure.

McKenna may have not have followed protocol, but that doesn’t excuse the governor’s behavior. The attorney general may feel as strongly on the constitutionality of bill as the governor feels the bill may benefit the uninsured. The governor told McKenna that he had better be able to defend her position, implying that the Constitution of the United States be damned, she likes this bill.

I hope the governor, who is also an attorney, can see the reasoning behind the decision of McKenna’s and 12 other state attorneys general to at least challenge what they view as a bill that may be at least partially unconstitutional. Let me also add that I voted for both Gregoire and McKenna.

Craig Pennington

Mill Creek