Growing Paine

Growing Paine

What’s that you say? The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is hearing a challenge by opponents of commuter airline service at Paine Field. “We think that commercial air service at Paine Field would have a significant impact on our community,” said Mukilteo’s mayor (above).

Sorry, could you repeat that? We couldn’t hear your concerns about commuter jets, what with all the noise from Boeing’s 787s, 777s and 747s already taking off and landing at Paine Field.

This is your brain on hypocrisy: The state Department of Health is running radio ads that urge parents to talk with their children about the state law that legalizes marijuana except for those under 21 (above).

Our advice: Telling your kids not to smoke pot will likely fall on more receptive ears if you’re not holding a joint or a highball glass.

Throat clearing: County officials in Virginia have voted to allow the demolition of the parking garage where “Deep Throat” provided details of the Watergate scandal to two Washington Post reporters (Page A2).

It’s just as well; garage attendants blush and stammer when asked to explain what the bronze plaque means by “Deep Throat leaked here.”

—Jon Bauer, Herald staff