Hard-fought right being eaten away

It’s interesting to note that about almost 50 years since the march on Selma for civil rights, and today we still pledge allegiance to the same flag for liberty and justice for all, and we still have those in powerful positions that threaten those rights — examples, Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania governors, secretaries of state.

When I was in school many years ago, I was taught “Democracy” means a choice for everyone — the freedom to choose different jobs, different places to live, different opinions, different religious faiths; it also means the freedom to elect public officials. The voter placing his secret ballot in the ballot box is exercising one of our most cherished freedoms; in a dictatorship voting is an empty gesture.

Thank God we still have federal judges who protect peoples’ rights, since high public officials who wear the American flag don’t.

Abraham Lincoln would probably weep at the behavior of certain high Republican officials.

Al Jung