Hard to see bright side of less service

Mr. Maxwell has an interesting take on how Community Transit can be used to force people to exercise, with these transit revisions. (Saturday guest commentary, “Protect your health, transit riders.”) I have a different opinion. They just do not want elder people who are doing their best to get around, to church, to work, to visit, to shop, etc.

First we take away Sunday service, then we take half the buses away from the apartment houses that matter to those elders, and put them somewhere they could not possibly walk to. Poor English, I know, but I am angry.

Community Transit used to run on Sundays and they ran three buses past my bus stop. I figured they would take away two of these buses, but they take away all three. I really cannot walk very far, and that exercise is denied me. I wonder if Maxwell has some other bright ideas for us.

Yes, I can take DART, but I really prefer to get around when I can, without taking a space on buses that are really meant especially for others who absolutely cannot manage with regular service. We had all hoped they would leave us one bus that would take us to the Transit Center. Maybe someone could see about this for us. Thanks.

Margaret Ford