Harper’s life, work truly inspiring

Regarding life-long nurse/midwife Mary Neil Harper, (July 26 article, “Mary Neil Harper served as a nurse and midwife for decades abroad”), anyone who has delivered 2,000 babies, watched two leopards devour a zebra, and has eaten fried ants has my undivided attention and admiration.

Her missions to faraway places, travelling around to different churches, ministering to others, sharing her faith in Jesus Christ, and her never-married status is a life remarkably similar to evangelist Corrie ten Boom, whose famous and inspiring book, “The Hiding Place,” I recently re-read.

For the record, I recently took (for the first time ever) the Kenmore Air aerial tour of Seattle, and as stunning as it was to me, the life of Corrie ten Boom and all that she endured, by the grace of God is, in its own way, just as stunning.

Like Corrie ten Boom, I believe Mary Neil Harper’s life can be summed up as (H)is (A)mazing (R)ansom (P)urchased (E)ternal (R)edemption.

Steve Goodman

Mountlake Terrace