Hartman’s ideas are cost-saving

I decided during the last year that I’m tired of the same old political rhetoric by our career politicians. I want new ideas, new strategies, no fighting and with forward-thinking individuals. Not just those elected people who just come to the scheduled meetings, but actively put their time into researching new ideas and succeeding with their endeavors for the good of their constituents. I found such a person in Matthew Hartman who is running for PUD Commissioner District 1.

Matt Hartman, as a City Councilman for Granite Falls, saw the need to rescue his city from the thousands of gravel trucks driving through on a daily basis. It took him years and endless hours, beyond those of just council meetings, and constant, never-ending contact with the county and state Department of Transportation, to create and achieve the Granite Falls Alternate Route. With the construction of three separate roundabouts on the outskirts of the city, Matt Hartman won back the city streets for the residents of Granite Falls.

With a win-win like that for Granite Falls, I believe Matt Hartman will do the same for the Snohomish County PUD ratepayers. The PUD is currently doing well with their current business plan. But Matt Hartman’s ideas for creating new cost-saving energy, such as subsidized solar power, that the everyday Joe Blow could afford and even sell back to the PUD sounds great to me. What about you?

Connie Murry