He said, ‘Rocky, you’ve met your match’

And Rocky said, “Doc, it’s only a scratch”: A motorcycle rider in Pennsylvania wasn’t surprised to see a road-kill raccoon on a recent ride but was surprised to see a double-yellow line painted over the animal. A spokesman for the state Transportation Department explained that the road crew didn’t see the dead animal in time to stop the paint-spraying truck.

Pennsylvania drivers are reminded not to cross double-yellow raccoons.

Rocky II: North Seattle Community College is posting signs on campus warning people to keep a watch out for aggressive raccoons. A neighbor walking his dog reported raccoons twice attacked his pet. The college has hired a pest control company, which has trapped one raccoon.

If that doesn’t work, the college plans to rent a road-striping truck.

Soothingly plump: A new study published by the journal Public Library of Science One reports that men who are stressed find a wider spectrum of female body types appealing and rate plumper women more positively in terms of attractiveness, compared to men who are not stressed.

The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Westminster in London, was titled, “Does This Stressed-Out Husband Make My Butt Look Big?”

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