Hire some folks to tackle the typos

Has the Herald fired all of it’s proofreaders and editors? We’ve noticed an increase in typos and grammatical errors over the past couple of months, but Friday’s paper was ridiculous.

Both of these articles were on the front page with glaring errors: “Host of issues awaits (headline); State lawmakers could be hauled back into court if they don’t fund public schools improved.”

“New Court, new tactic (headline); The just-opened mental health court aims to help those who are ill break from of the criminal justice cycle”.

It’s becoming a little game for us in the morning; how many typos can you spot (also includes articles that end in the middle of a sentence). But seriously, it’s becoming a bit annoying. You can do better. Either fire your proofreader or hire an additional one if it’s too much for one person.

Maggie Peterson