Homework never was much of a page-turner

Jon Bauer, Herald staff

Kids and Kindles: The Edmonds School District invited its students to participate in a technological twist to its summer reading program. Kids were able to log on and read their assignments for the summer on a computer or a Kindle e-reader.

The Buzz wishes he had something like this when he was in school. We think we could have read all of “A Tale of Two Cities” on the day before school, like we planned, if we didn’t have to stop to turn pages.

Don’t worry, Mom; I’m reading “Beowulf” on the way home: A year after being placed on probation by the Bureau of Land Management, the Burning Man music and arts festival, held in the Black Rock Desert near Reno, Nev., stayed beneath its mandatory attendance cap, with a peak population on Friday of 52,385.

Even with the attendance cap, it’s still believed to be the largest concentration of people who share three things in common: tattoos, piercings and student loan debt.

A wing and a prayer: A competitive eater at the National Buffalo Wing Festival in Buffalo, N.Y., set a new record Sunday eating 191 chicken wings in 12 minutes.

Reached for comment, the 96th chicken said he considered himself fortunate, just not as lucky as the 97th.